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Facebook’s little secret about your cover photo

Did you know that Facebook changes your cover photo when it is displayed on a mobile device? Go ahead compare it with your desktop cover photo.  I’ll  wait…

Do you see the difference? Your photo is cutoff to fit your mobile device. Facebook doesn’t bother to tell you about this and they give you no solution to the problem.

I have the solution to shrink your cover photo to perfectly fit any mobile device. Now your valuable information will be totally visible to anyone.

Your cover photo does contain valuable information doesn’t it? It should! Let my team create an awesome cover photo for you (at my expense) that will be displayed correctly on any device. There is absolutely no risk on your part.

Cover photos are like giant billboards

Did you know that over 50% of your Facebook page is taken up by the cover photo? It’s like a giant billboard.

Are you using that valuable space to promote your business? Over 90% of businesses don’t.

Facebook gives you a free billboard to advertise your business. Why not let me show you how to take advantage of it?

Keep your cover photo fresh

If you have a storefront do you decorate it for the holidays? Do you freshen things up by moving displays around or displaying different merchandise regularly?

I’m sure you know the value of giving your store or shop a fresh look. Why not do the same with your Facebook page?

Your regular visitors will ignore your FB cover photo if it never changes. You’re losing the benefit of the largest piece of advertising space on your page.

Creating new photos and graphics can be a real challenge. Getting them uploaded takes time.

I can help you with that problem. My design team can create cover photos that promote new products, discount offers, special offers, events, holidays and more.

Promote your business with your cover photo

Social media is very important in today’s marketplace. It takes time to add new content. Time that could be spent doing what you are in business for… selling your product or service, but it is necessary to stay ahead of your competition.

The cover photos are content and they should be kept new and fresh. Facebook even announces to your prospects for you that you have changed your cover photo! Facebook helping you? How cool is that?

Your cover photo is the first thing your potential customer or client sees. It should be appealing and create interest to read more about your company and take action to call or visit.

I would like to help you by creating a Facebook cover photo for you at my expense. This is the ultimate try before you buy offer. There literally is no risk or obligation on your part.

Click here to claim your free cover photo.